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    July 16, 2011
    5:00 - 6:00pm PDT  

changed but there was a mushroom cloud over american soil 66 years ago today. that's the fox report. i am harris faulkner. huckabee starts now. both sides are bickering. they show me a serious plan. >> and the clock is ticking. will america's credit rating at risk, there is no deal in sight. is this government accountability tea partiers demanded. >> i don't know what they miss in the last election. >> a suicide bomber in iraq. >> you thought it might be better dying. >> now he sees light this a new light. first blind active duty officer. captain smiley. >> and don't let the baby faces fool you.
they play some pretty mean bluegrass. youtube tars and the sleepy man banjo boys. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [cheers and applause] welcome everybody. thank you very much. what a great audience we have here tonight in new york and welcome to huckabee in the fooksfox news studios. an important message. this is my wife's birthday and i better say happy birthday. [applause] >> happy birthday janet. some of you ask how many for her. she was born in 19 -- none of your business. a big buzz about a gall up poll showing that president obama would be defeated by a generic republican by 8 points and leads any of the spectacular candidates that he
is paired against. what does this mean? franklyy absolutely nothing. a poll in this point in time is where they are today and not in 15 months. voters will automatically vote democrat and some automatically vote republican. the election is going to be decided by independent voters in the middle, and they are a long way from making up their mines on the next election. they are struggling whether or not they are having a next paycheck. while i enjoy a good game of politics as much as the next guy, there is a time to campaign and then there is a time to govern. president and members of congress from both parties have had their fun politicing the debt ceiling and now time to govern and resolve it. i don't think the world will face armageddon over failure to set the debt limit. there would be affects.
you wouldn't be able to visit the national parks and coon get a passport and airport lines for tsa could take hours instead of machines. adjustible rate mortgages and bank loans would shoot up and 401 k and pension account would plummet in value. there is no reasonn that social security checks wouldn't go out or that medicare patients would be forsaken unless they were targeted for raw political purposes . the political consequences could be dramatic and like it or not, the republicans would most likely lose on that front. most of the media is going to let the president's total failure to lead to go unchallenged and they will blame the republicans. the republicans ought to put forth their plan and advance it as far as it goes and make clear where they stand. if they kent get the cut cap balance through the white house they made a stand.
then it is up to the president and the democrats to put a plan on the table. let them propose it and support it and accepted it to the house . the house all to pass is it and give the democrats full ownership of the plan. then the contrast is set between two clearr directions for the next electionns. spend and tax more or cut, cap and balance. as a republican, i would be happy to run on platform instead of spend and tax any day. what do you think? click on huckabee.comand share your views. mikehuckabee.com. >> what about the urgeency of all of this? the president told congress to take the day off. he's had time to fund raise and make speechs and planning his august vacation to martha's vineyard and congress
had time to play baseball this week. it doesn't seem that urge. the gop won the game against the democrats and it was enough to make the speaker cry. ♪ we are the champions. ♪ we are the champions. >> there is no crying. >> there is no crying in baseball. [applause] >> mike: while many of you agree with my point of view others oppose it i am not afraid to hear the other side. we'll see what happens when i take the hot seat. ♪ >> mike: my challenger former president of the women's media center and fox news contributor. jamu green and elis henison. good to have you here. >> thank you.
>> mike: jump in on debt ceiling negotiations and the world is going to come to an end if we don't get this resolved. i think it is serious, but has it been pushed too hard. >> no, it hasn't. because some of the reasons that you mentioned and some you haven't. governor, your own family and you and the birthday girl, mrs. huckabee. >> mike: thanks for joining me. she will take birthday wishes from liberals. >> lin, you pay your bills and mortgage, right and electric and gas and car payments. >> mike: no, we do. >> and you understand as washington seems not to that bad stuff would happen if you didn't. why is it that your republican colleagues on the campaign trail and house seem so blindd and frankly reckless about that? >> mike: i don't think it is that they don't want to pay the bills. but we shouldn't run up the bills we can't pay in the
first place. it is the problem with government. not that we default. but quit borrowing money to pay back. >> but there are so many republican members in the house are saying let's default and it is okay to not pay our bills. we have to get past playing politics and legislating. when president obama said let's find a balanced approach and then talk about eating your peas. it is not daddy telling them to eat their peas. but mom saying take your medicine. new house republican members who are so reckless and in the words of former senator simpson, they are putting pettiness over patriism and that is unacceptable. >> mike: when the president used the pet forabout the peas. as a southern boy. i like black eye peas. that is not punishment but a
gift. but here's what i don't understand. democrats have their talking points and using balanced approach. that's right off the fax machine and i understand where it is coming from. but balanced approach means raise taxes. >> it doesn't mean that. >> mike: yes it does. >> it means people at the top should share the. we are not stick to grandma. >> mike: look, get rid of the loop homes but not the tax rates. that's what people aring to do. that is counter productive. if you want to lower rates and create a situation no loop holes and people are not gaming the tax system the democrats all to adopt the fair tax. it taxes consumption and when that happens everyone will have skin in the game and rich people who buy more things will pay more taxes. >> governor, don't you have a problem hedge fund manager who takes his limo and town car
into the office that he is paying a lower tax rate than the assistant who is sitting up the meet lunchs and there is a with that and it is's balanced approach. that is not a talking point it is come to the table with actual ability to compromise. it would not -- we are not seeing anyone from the republicans saying that. >> mike: i would agree that if it is balance we are talking about and balance means that we are going to create a system in which people whose taxes are assessed at the point of however the income is raised that is one thing. that's not what i am hearing. it is after a higher rate. that's what i am not for. it is a problem. people who get passive income pay a smaller rate than people with active income. if the dime comes from active income. yeah, i would love to see the loop holes closed so that the
rates are lower and people are paying more equitable rate. republicans are for closing the loop holes it is not a universal sengs against it >> governor, there is a popularulas from arkansas, does it not trouble you when you see the statistics more and more of the wealth in america concentrate in the fewer and fewer hands. that is happening for the last decade. >> mike: i worry that less have done well and worry more than more have done poorly. there is so much of the pie and once it is gone there is not anymore. the economy can grow larger and give more people capacity to be prosperous. i worry about 15 people out of work and i worry that this president spent trillion so called stimulating the economy and counter productive affect getting them to work. >> top two percent of the
country, own the entire pie and they are not willing to share it and we are right now taking in less revenue than we were back when the korean war was going on. 50 yearrs ago, this is the same amount of revenue. that is not balanced and anyone growing up and learning about politics and if you are running for office you have to compromise. i am not good at compromises. >> mike: it is like the two things i want the democrats to quit saying balanced approach and george w. bush is to blame for all of us. our time is over and otherwise i would love to continue the conversation . it is great to have you here for the hot seat. thank you very much. >> and leaders in washington are arguing over the debt ceiling, is the tea party being ignored .
we'll have two when we come back. [applause]
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[applause] >> this week credit rating agency standard and poors say there is a 50 percent chance of downgrading the u.s. credit rating in three months . placing the u.s. on credit watch. republicans and democrats are miles apart from reaching a deal. so is this the government accountability that the tea party voted for. joining me dennis itches for the texas tea party and dustin stockton. good to have you here. >> do you feel like the tea party is being ignored by the congressional republicans . >> absolutely. it is a huge frustration of ours. i don't know what message they missed when we sent home 63 big spending democrats.
we don't want more spending . we want cuts in the size and focus of washington d.c. and they promised 100 billion in cuts that is minis cule with a deficit of trillions and ended up 253 million. it is weak tea. >> sorry to jump in. it is obama is the person that is holding it . congressional republicans are credited for not caving it and and not giving the deal. i think saying they are ignoring us is not true. they are out there fighting for it. >> that's not possible. 253 million cuts when they promised hundred billion. 253 million cuts in exchange for that one continuing resolution . that is as long as they get to the hundred billion over the course of the entire year i would support what they are
doing and they knew the debt ceiling debate would be going on and extract more cut they are working to do just that. i think they deserve credit. >> mike: do we shut the government down? just shut it down. i hear people saying that and i am wondering if they understand who is getting the blame. >> we have to be careful about shuth the government down and people need to get social security checks and i need to get through tsa in less than two orly hours . at the same time we can't borrow without addressing the underlying spending problem and forcing the negotiations as deep as they are. the republicans are well poised to do what you talked about. put a deal on the table and put cap and balance and pass it through the house and put it on obama's plate. >> mike: bill, you don't agree. you want more? >> the government will take over 2.2 trillion in revenues
this year. outstanding debt that we will pay for our national debt is less than 300 billion dollars. we have money to pay and meet our debt obligation. as for grandmother's social security we have money for that. but maybe not fund tadpoles on treadmills and seeing how fast they have heart attacks . we can fund the military and social security and those things, but we have to got to stop spending money. president obama gave two billion to the united nations. he's promised 150 billion to greece. why are we proping up greece? we believe that money needs to be printed and borrow as it stands . stop spending money we don't have. >> the logistics of it if we don't cut a deal and pass it through the congress, power is handed over to timothy githener and the executives.
>> mike: last one in america to have control. he didn't know how to pay his own taxes. >> i agree. he is totally incompetent but that is his job is to pay. it is obama's problem and githener's problem. if they don't pay social security. money is there to do it. no more extensions on your credit card, congress. >> mike: even the tea party members don't totally that is an important point. here's what i think is a point of agreement. the republicans have to hold their ground on cut cap and balance. but recognize practically in the end they will not get it through. lay it on the table and keep it on the table. when they don't win it. push that next time and let that be the deciding point. if you are with us. 60 senators and majority in congress and give us a republican president behowill support it at the white house
and then it will get passed. unfortunately we are out of time. but not out of the issues, ever. thank you for being here. >> where do anti-american terrorist really come from? most of the you say places like iraq or stan tan or somewhere in the middle east. but many people who hate america, they are a lot closer to home than you think. fox news national correspondent catherine harris with a shocking inside story next. >> thank you. [ male announcer ] this...is the network --
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>> mike: each day on the huckabee report i share news and commentory on 600 radio
shows in america and a daily pod cast to download. go to mike huckabee.com. what i'm you are there sign up for my facebook page or twitter . toddlers to teenagers parents warn them about dangerings. don't talk to strangers and be careful who you chat with on the internet and at a away from drugs. but what about recruiting for being a terrorist. extremist are luring in americans and transforming them in jihadist. catherine herage writes about the threat of home grown terror in a book called the next wave. thank you for being here. >> i was disturbed when i read your book and realized that there is an active movement going on to get americanized type kids into jihadism.
>> back in 2006, al-qaida leadership made a decision to go after western recruits because we were young people from the middle east and afghanistan and pakistan. americans were the new gold standard and we have a generation al-qaida 2.0 and they are the new version of the digital jihadist. >> historically said terrorist are a muslim male and if you don't fit that profile you don't have to worry. in the book you say that is no longer the model. >> that's right. the american sudden al awaki. whether he is e-mailing or bloging or skyping he using technology and the facebook friend from hell. he spreads ideology to.
there is a documented case was home grown terrorism since january 2009 every few weeks. >> what is a sign that a parent ought to be worried about their child recruited or sought after by the terrorist? >> common links we see is the american cleric. lookk at the cases in the united states. almost always the fingerprints of this digital jihadist . the young man who drove the car bomb not far from where we are. he was a diseeple . travel to pakistan and got his training. this event in times square was a successful attack. he drove a car in there with what he thought was a viable explosive device. he didn't have the right recipe when he came to home depo when he was trained in pakistan. thank godness for a t-shirt
vendor and an incompetent terrorist. somebody will get it right. we need to be worried, don't we? >> i think we need to understand just because bin laden is dead, the war on terror is not over. if you need to know where it is going. read the book. the next phase is harder to fight. there are more americans in the ranks of al-qaida than a decade ago. they changed the recruitment strategy and we are successful in taking out the leadership. americans understand us and our system and know how to use it against us in a way that a foreign terrorist or bin laden never would . that's what makes them so dangerous. >> mike: the book is called the next wave. our audience will get a head start. you will get a copy of the next wave before you leave here today. catherine, thank you very much. it is a pleasure to have you here. >> officer smiley lost his eye
sight in iraq but not his vision to lead and his drive to live life to the fullest. captain smiley and his wife are joining me next. thank you . [ male announcer ] at nissan, we test the altima's durability on a track that simulates the world's toughest roads. ♪ [ tires screeching ] ♪ if it can survive this drive... ♪ it can survive yours. the nissan altima. innovation that lasts. innovation for all. ♪ thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer.
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>> live from america's news headquarters. we are on casey anthony watch the convicted liar about to go free. her final hours in an orlando jail. cameras are there and we'll bring you the new video as soon as we get it in. casey anthony was acquitted of murdering her two year old daughter caylee. that verdict sparked outrage and serious concerns for her safety once she leafs the jail. in los angeles much feared carmageddon . the cars braced for the worst after they shut down thenation's business it is
more like car mahen. they are giving construction crews time to work on a big project. we'll get you back to huckabee. go to fox news.com. >> if you would like to comment. e-mail us at huckabee at.com. >> an explosion in iraq sent shrappnel in scott smiley's eyes and brain. he was about to lose his life long dream. he was told he being no longer serve in the army. he refused to give up and fought to keep his career in the military. after years of hard work in recovery. he was the army first blind active duty officer. his story is told is in a book called hope unseen.
welcome captain scott smiley and his wife tiffany. diagram [applause] >> mike: hi, tiffany. great to have you here. you know it is a remarkable story . yet, it is got a great position and chapter. things didn't go hunky dory. you werangry about it? >> i was. it was hard to live a healthy and physical and mental and spiritual tile and wake up in walter reed medical with the doctor telling you, you are blind rest of your life. depression and fear and anxiety and again a lot of anger it was difficult. >> mike: were you mad at god?
>> i was. it is the worst thing i will ever do in life is to be mad at god. he gives me everything i have and he has the power to take it away. i thought i had done everything right. i thought i checked the box and again that anger was shown in my daily life. one of my good asked me to say a prayer. i said i don't want to pray and i don't think i know god. my wife tiffany had manage else to for. >> mike: it is great we can get mad at god and he doesn't get mad at us. tell me how you were feeling. you were trying to cope with the kids and this new experience for you and him, did it shake you up a bit? >> it did. we were praying for his eye sight and wanted him to have a
little bit of the sight better than no sight. i prayed for his eye sight. but he said i don't know who god is, i stopped praying for the eye sight and prayed for his heart that he would come back. i was sure i could live with a blind man but needed him to be scotty again. that's what i pay ared for. >> mike: you were less worried about the eye sight than capacity to see things spiritual what was the turning point. what happened that got you back on track inside? >> i think you know, each and everyone of us goes through hard times and economic trials and spirituall trial health and for me it is a decision. i don't think it was just tiffany praying, but it was a life style i lived before and i newknew what the truth was. i had to ask for forgiveness and forgive myself . ask god for forgiveness, you
know, for the decisions and the anger that i had and once i made that, i was able to begin the slow journey back. even though the steps were slow and i might not have been the nicest guy to tiffany. >> mike: you want to follow that up, tiffany. >> there was a time when i said i love you, and i don't like you right now . he still had to hold my arm to be guided around. that was some hard times. >> mike: it is honest thing people need to hear. it is not that you had one moment and it was great again. it is a process and not a single event and a long hard tough process . let's talk about you didn't want to leave the military, but they were sort of ready for you to go on disability and call it a day. >> that is the normal army process. if a soldier is injured there is army rule regulations they have to follow and being blindd is not a qualification
for being in the army and they came to tiffany and said you need to sign the paperwork. in her mind it was a decision for her to make. that paperwork stayed there until several months laterr until i recovered and what i want to do is serve my country and give back for the freedops that we have. it was a tough decision . having great friends in high places,a lowwed us to service the country. >> mike: the interesting thing you fought the army and they said it is time to get out and you said no, i want to stay in. what was the break point where they said okay. you have value to us. you are teaching in west point. >> i was and again, that is being physically and mentally fit and give back and show them. i had to find a job in the army whompt is going to want to hire me . having great friends that were able and part of the institution. the army is one of the best
organizations in the world that they lose that are in. i got a job and able to give back and show that i can do and be more than what people thought. and gave me opportunities to teach at west point and cadets and i gave up a company command leading over 200 soldiers in west point. again another amazing leadership opportunity. >> mike: scott what do you tell them at west point or anywhere else in the army that you might not have known to have told them except for what happened to you and losing your sight. >> tunes come all of the time. but challenges that we go through that we will never know and during those times we have to make tough choices. where are you going to turn and who am i going to turn to? for me it was turning to jesus christ, who is my one and only and it is that decision that i made that allowed me to
recover and have the strength and physical fitness and ability to do what i am doing now. >> mike: tiffany, what was the toughest part of the process for you. was it the physical limittations or challenges or was there something else tougher than that? >> initiallyy it was the call i got from the doctor who told me scotty's eye was remove i will have to remove the other eye. that was crushing news . it was like our world and life was over. at one point, i thought scotty might be better just dying. you know, it was terrible for me and then the next point, was when he didn't want to pray and didn't know who god was anymore . that was the second worst day of my life . then through the whole process, we had our struggles and i said i don't like you and it is hard and we fought through it. but we were committed to each other and now today, i drive him and that is like really the only thing i do.
>> mike: i hope so. >> and he tried to go driving and our four year old would probably be driving sooner than 16. >> don't tell anybody. >> mike: it is a remarkable story. what i appreciate is the honesty and the book is an honest aproducal. it is not everything is wonderful and great . but it is a struggle you faced together. scotty, tiffany, great to have you and thank you. it is my pleasure to have you here. thanks very much. [applause] c>> mike: i am going to be in israel this week for a exclusive conversation with israeli prime prime benjamin netanyahu. we will air it next week. you will not want to miss it. this is a picture of former miss arkansas. i wish i had half of that hair. when we come back, she's going
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>> beth annie was a former miss arkansas on on my staff in arkansas. but one of the things beth has been noted for not only a staffer for governor's office
but grows hair . she grows hair and cut its off for the locks was love which makes hair devices for children who are suffering for cancer. beth good to have you here. >> i appreciate you letting mow come on and let me talk about lockks of love. >> i wish i had that much hair . snucan be inspired. >> we have a picture and this is what you looked like with all of the hair. car lin is cutting the hair, this is like two big pony tails. >> governor, it was when i worked in rock. one of my colleagues mentioned about locks of love and especially the red color she mentioned what a neat thing it would be. this organization does human
hair and they are hair pieces that take six or 12 honey tails to make a hair piece. they need donors. the good lord will give me hair i will give it away. >> trauma for the children and family losing all of their hair. how does locks of love help those kids be normal again. >> exactly it builds confidence. these are children that being be . not only cancer victims. but also burn victims . there is no known cause or cure so they are children who may suffer a lifetime with hair loss . >> this is a synthetic wig. it is obvious that it is not real hair. >> you can touch and feel it.
>> it can be yanked off of the head. here is the money tail . thank you, car lin. they need minimum of 10 inches and you can always see more x. make it clean and bunnle tup. it is not a fancy deal. put rubber bands on and shoot it to locks of love in florida. and so a person can go to the website and find out about locks of love. >> as a matter of fact on i was following on twitter today. people are donating to send pony tails in. >> a lot of people are nervous about making a traumatic appearance. you go from long to short. >> it is a shock. >> how did it affect you the first tim. >> i was worried.
i had never done a cut that short before. i say a prayer of blessing for the child. they will never know that feeling of growing their hair . so it is a matter of the heart and you lox of love covers children up to 21 years was age . gets them in college and enter the beginning of their life. your hair goes in shock when you cut it off. >> that's what happened to mind. >> you look terrific . about shoulder length and find out more about lockks of love and you have hair longer than youny . a wonderful gift to a child who is going through that and
donating to locks of love. we'll be right back. to keep in balance after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage has ginkgo for memory and concentration, plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's.
>> a friend much mine told me to check out a youtube video of youngg boys playing bluegrass i done think i would be impressed. but i would be honest, i was blown away and wanted to get them on my show. where in tennessee or arkansas or alabama or kentucky are they from? from new jersey. these jersey boys can play with any bluegrass musicians in the country. welcome the sleepy man banjo boys.
12 year old rob yeyawny and tommy. it is great to have you here. johnnie that banjo is about as big as you are. is that heavy. >> yeah. >> when did you start playing banjo . >> when i was six. >> mike: you are nine now and started when you were six. tommy were you the first one to play. >> i started two weeks before rob it can. >> mike: what made you decide on the gar. >> i don't know. >> mike: i know manage about that. and robby, what said to you let's play the fiddle. >> i am not sure. i started on classical muc and i really like it. i thought i would go for it. >> mike: robby, where i come from it is classical muc. we'll put the website on the screen . you will want to find out more about the amazing young men. sleepy man banjo boys.
please welcome. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
♪ [cheers and applause] >> mike: the sleepy man banjo boys . fantastic. the audience loved it and so will you. i hope you have had a great time tonight. remember next week exclusive interview with prime minister benjamin netanyahu from israel. thanks for watching tonight. until next time i am mike huckabee, good night everyone. god bless. [applause] ♪ ♪
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